Fiona Huxley, Singer/Songwriter, Actress/Host, and Wildlife Spokesperson, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up in a musical environment, her first recording at four years old, was at her father Craig Huxley's legendary film and music studio complex, The Enterprise Studios. (Frequent artists include Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Streisand, McCartney, Prince, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre,   Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Mariah Carey, and Slash.)

Fiona was immersed in the arts from the moment she could speak, participating in recording sessions, voice overs, and theater. Her ability to spontaneously mimic any singer, accent, or foreign tongue she  came into contact with, arose at age 7. She attended the Champs Performing Arts Academy and at age 14 started at UCLA with Mandarin Chinese. As a teen, Fiona began writing her own music and sketch comedy, allowing her unique voice to emerge. Huxley trained in improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood. She introduced a dozen of her "kooky charters" at UCB performances and on her Fiona Huxley YouTube channel. Her acting and music teachers include Andrew Magarian, Joey Travolta, and TONY winner John Rubinstein.

Fiona starred in two "AwesomenessTV" episodes as well as sang and composed the theme song. She is writing and recording her debut album produced by her father Craig Huxley, Emmy winning producer, composer, actor, and soloist on 20 Michael Jackson hits. Related to   her writing and recording music, voice-overs, and acting, she devotes her energy as an artist and spokesperson to the conservation of endangered species. She and her father joined forces launching a non-profit foundation bringing awareness to wildlife conservation. Team Huxley actively creates multimedia events, pairing up with celebrities and other passionate artists.

Fiona was the featured performer (speaking and singing in Mandarin)   at the Chinese New Year Event in Monterey, CA. Appearing on Chinese Television NDTV.

She frequently lends her voice to animation projects (video games, TV/Movies, Apps.) In the spring of 2017, Fiona starred as a J-Pop / K-Pop star, voice acting and singing in a popular Anime TV series.  

In both 2017 and 2018, Fiona presented and performed at the WIN Awards Show. She and her father gave tribute performances for the late Carrie Fisher and Anne Archer at the 18th Women's Image Network Awards in LA.

In 2018 - 2019 Fiona has been coordinating and filming sessions for Craig Huxley’s patented 18ft long Blaster Beam instrument on hit Sci-Fi films and TV shows. (JJ Abrams’ “10 Cloverfield Lane, Seth McFarlane’s “The Orville”)

Fiona is currently writing/recording/producing original songs for artists in various genres. Her debut album is in production.

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I’m thrilled to be launching our projects to Save The Elephants.